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My Inspiration


I wanted to put my passion for creativity to use and discovered how happy the candle industry made me feel, being my own boss and how rewarding it is to design and create your own product.


The first candle I made was vanilla scented, this was special for me as the vanilla scent brings back memories of my Grandad, he would pick me up from gymnastics and we would cook, sing, dance and he helped teach me to read, so vanilla reminds me of all my innocents days enjoying being free to express myself with my hero. Consequently I had to honour my Grandad,  so I named my company Noma Napier - Napier being my Grandad's surname. Furthermore the wax seal on the individual gift boxes are made with the signet ring gifted to me by my Grandad.


I'm now selling six scents plus seasonal specials in a variety of vessels through my online store and in person at local artisan markets.  I haven't yet reached my full potential but I am so proud of the journey so far. I also have an exciting product I'm currently designing that involves wax melt animals so please watch this space!


Every single small business owner has a background story and journey and your support and purchases means more than you know. X

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